VANTOLAS SA is today one of the most dynamically increasing companies in North Western Greece. Main activity of the company is the trade in Explosives used in quarries and in public and private construction projects. We specialize in the trade of Industrial equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Electric Tools, Compressed Air Systems and Attachment Equipment. Cooperating with the largest importers of Greece we offer the best quality of products in the best price.. “Vantolas SA” basically supplies large technical companies as well as a wide range of professionals. The indoor facilities are settled in 680m2, where you can find our offices , our retail shop with the Machinery and the Tools and a storage space too. Also a private complex of storage and handling Explosives belongs to the company. In 2001 the company was awarded the Youth Entrepreneurship Prize by the Region of Epirus and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs for its 1998-2000 development.