VANTOLAS SA is the development of the original “I. Vantola Sons CO” company, which was founded in November 1994 in Ioannina. The company’s objective is to trade (storage – handling) of commercial explosive products, mainly used in quarries, mines and construction of public works (tunnels, roads, etc.), species quarry, industrial tools, personal protective equipment. It also deals with Machinery for different uses, Tools for every professional, and personal protective equipment for every work.

The company operates and serves customers in Greece, Albania, Skopje, Kosova and Serbia. Since 1997, where the construction of the “Egnatia Odos” started, we have been the main supplier of engineering companies in the field of explosives.

In 2001 the company was awarded the Youth Entrepreneurship Prize by the Region of Epirus and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs for its 1998-2000.

In 2004 there is a change of company headquarters, which were moved new offices on Grammou Avenue 97. There you can find our offices and the retail shop with the Machinery and the Personal Protective Equipment. We also maintain a storage 400m2 in Krya, a suburb of Ioannina.